Odoo Website Builder vs. Building a Website

Breakdown of common queries clients ask us from time to time

3/6/20232 min read

Odoo - Website Builder


Pros: Do not require Backend Developers or a different server (Odoo Server and Odoo Support to be used)
Cons: Third-party App is required for bookings/appointments and the data would be saved within Third-party App, which is supported by Odoo.


Pros: A wide selection of themes are available, including options to create live chat & discussion forums
Cons: Comparatively a limitation for design options within pages as the design would have to be as per the themes available. However, within a theme there are multiple layout options as well. Additionally, theme layouts are available at an additional cost, depending on the required theme.


Pros: If additional features are required in the website, third-party apps would be purchased by making a one-time payment only.
Cons: Odoo website Module has a monthly/ yearly subscription amount (approx. $ 16/ per month)

Building a Website from Scratch


Pros: Desired functionality and layout as per the website plan
Cons: Backend Developers are required to build and integrate all features, including bookings, forms & even minor updates. This development process could be consume time (minimum of three months up to one year, depending on the website features and experience of the Website Developer)


Pros: Freedom of Design
Cons: Requires a development plan and logical layout for the entire website


Cons: Comparatively more costly to develop a website from scratch. Additionally, site hosting charges are applicable.

Developing a website through both the above mentioned options could be beneficial depending on the nature of the business. As per our expertise, Odoo Website Builder, would be highly effective for service-based and retail businesses. Multiple theme and template options are available to select from and customize the website as per your requirements. On the other hand, building a website from scratch may require more time, effort and resources but would have more flexibility of design and freedom to test and make changes at your convenience.

Whether you are interested in getting to know more about Odoo Website Builder or looking to understand the process of Website Development from scratch in Kuwait, our Business Advisors and Web Developer would gladly assist you.

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